"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
- Nelson Mandela -

International takeoff
About International Takeoff
International Takeoff is a London-based overseas study consultancy specialising in matching students with places at world-class universities and other institutions of higher learning and professional training. Our primary focus areas are Europe, Canada, and the USA, but we have a truly global outlook. Our team combines the benefits of global expertise and experience to each application with a personalised approach that puts your specific needs first. We will help you take off – not just from the airport, but academically and professionally too!
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Yelena Ablaeva’s inspiration for International Takeoff came from her own experiences of growing up in Uzbekistan and then studying abroad. She moved to the US to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Master of Arts in International Studies. Yelena subsequently worked in universities in the USA and UK, which gives her experience of the student application process from both sides. Her experiences mean that Yelena is ideally placed to know what overseas universities are looking for in potential students, and how to coach students to make the most of these opportunities.