Providing help throughout the whole process: from selecting universities to assisting with visa application

International takeoff


International Takeoff can assist you in any or all of the following ways, depending on your specific requirements:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate University Selection, Counselling, and Admissions

Every step of the application process for the degree of your choice.

Study Abroad Advising and Admissions (short-term study abroad programs)

Temporary study programs ranging in length from a single semester to a year abroad.

Visa Application Assistance (student visas, internship and work visas)

We will help you cut through all the immigration red tape, and we stay completely up-to-date on all changes in the relevant rules.

Host Country Airport Assistance

A warm yet efficient welcome to your new home country to make your landing as smooth as possible.


Let us assist you with not just your application, but also searching for the ideal accommodation option so you can concentrate on your studies.

Job/Internship Guidance

We will help you find the best job or internship opportunities, and we can assist with CVs and interview preparation so that you make a great first impression.

Scholarship Counseling and Assistance

We have a great track record of helping candidates prepare for – and successfully pass – scholarship selection committees to unlock financial support for their studies.

Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival Support

Preparation and planning to help with pre-trip nerves and any culture shock on arrival. We are always available if you need help or advice with any issues.

Language and Summer Schools Selection and Admissions

Choosing the location and school that will give you the best learning experience – and the help you need to successfully get through the application process.

Resume and Personal Statement Advice and Check

This is just one part of our coaching offering which is designed to give you the very best chance of admission.

Application Documents Check

Our service ticks all the boxes for visas and immigration admission as well as academic admissions.

Our Simple Process

Our service is tailored to the needs of each prospective applicant. Our simple process is tried and tested, and will give you the best possible chance of a successful application.

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*Your non-refundable deposit payment will be deducted from your final fee when you receive your offer of a place.