"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
- Nelson Mandela -

International takeoff

Get first-hand experience of studying, working, and living abroad

International takeoff

Providing help throughout the whole process: from selecting universities to assisting with visa application

International takeoff

Pay our full fee only if your application is successful

International takeoff

Get scholarships for studying overseas

International takeoff

Welcome to
International Takeoff

International Takeoff supports students looking for educational opportunities abroad. We provide a personalised service that is entirely focused on your needs. We give you coaching and up-to-date information to maximise your chances of securing your ideal course of study or placement. We support families and students through the application process and the transition to living, studying and working abroad.

Employers recognise that overseas study experience gives job applicants certain advantages that go beyond the skills and qualifications they acquire. Studying abroad increases confidence, independence, communication skills, flexibility and cross-cultural awareness. These are all attributes that are in great demand and which will make you more employable, and more likely to be hired by multinational firms.

Why Choose Us?
International Takeoff, educational opportunities abroad, studying and working abroad, Visa Application Assistance, Scholarship Counselling and Assistance


International Takeoff consultants all have first-hand experience of studying, working, and living abroad, especially in the UK, USA, and South Africa. They have been through the same processes you will be undergoing – so they know how to make your application successful.

International Takeoff, educational opportunities abroad, studying and working abroad, Visa Application Assistance, Scholarship Counselling and Assistance

Dedicated consultant

Throughout your application process, you will have one dedicated International Takeoff consultant looking after your application. You will be able to contact them at any point by phone, email, Skype.

International Takeoff, educational opportunities abroad, studying and working abroad, Visa Application Assistance, Scholarship Counselling and Assistance

Diverse services

Unlike many other overseas consultancies, we do not only work with self-funded students. We also help students looking for scholarship opportunities and we have an excellent track record in securing additional funding for talented students. We only require payment of our full fees if your application is successful.

How Can We Help You?
International Takeoff offers expert advice in how to successfully apply for university degrees and also shorter, fixed-term study programs, language courses and internships. Let us help make your dreams of studying or interning abroad come true.
Higher Education (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees)

International Takeoff provides professional assistance throughout the entire process of university selection: from planning and applying through scholarship selection, where applicable. Once we have helped you secure your overseas university place, we can also assist you with pre-departure and post-arrival support in your host country. Our primary focus is on universities in Europe, Canada, and the USA, but we can also offer support and guidance for students looking to study in many other countries, whether for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree – or both.


The costs of studying abroad can be prohibitive, but generous scholarship programs can remove this financial burden and bring overseas study within reach. Whatever your personal circumstances, if you have the requisite drive and ambition we can leverage our team’s experience and expertise to maximize your chances of impressing the scholarship selection committees at many universities worldwide.

Semester or Year Abroad
Shorter periods of study abroad offer many of the same advantages, but are generally easier to apply for. In many cases they do not necessarily lead to a formal qualification, but you will gain valuable life experience and CV points, as well as broadening your horizons. We can help you find the perfect study abroad or internship opportunity and assist at every stage of the application process.
Internships are a great way to increase your professional skillset, and also to learn more about careers you may be considering. Be exposed to different business cultures and learn the art of networking within multinational corporations – precisely the sort of experience that will boost your employability.
Language and Summer Schools
Studying a language in the country where it is spoken, and living with native speakers, is a proven way to make rapid advances in vocabulary, comprehension and confidence. Overseas language courses enable you to immerse yourself in the culture, and you will return speaking a much more natural, idiomatic version of your chosen language. Study programs can be combined with leisure activities for a more rounded overseas experience.